Sunday, July 3, 2016

Melbourne in the 70's - Photo Gallery

Please note: The following photos have been sourced from public domain sites, or other blogs. Please contact me if any of the images I have used violate copyright, and I will remove. 


Bon Scott at North Altona Tech, 1975.

Melbourne Sharps.

Factory workers in South Melbourne

Lillian Frank attends the opening night of 'Hair', the musical. 1971.

Bjorn and Frida from ABBA, Sidney Myer Music Bowl, 1977.

Waiting to Cross Bourke St.

Nick Cave, 1973.

Massage chair at Luna Park, St Kilda, 1974

Police Constable Ron Ritchie, 1975

The queen at the footy; Richmond v Fitzroy, 1970.

'The Roof Needs Mowing,' a student film by Gillian Armstrong, Melbourne Uni, 1971.

Citizenship ceremony, St Kilda Town Hall, 1974.

Frank Sinatra on his way to rehearsal, 1974.

Voting for the Senate, 1977.

Big Arnie pays a visit, 1974.


Edge of the mall, 1970.
High St, Northcote, 1977.

Newstand at Flinders St Station.

From the east end of Bourke Street.

From the South Bank,.

The Gas and Fuel buildings.

Digging the tunnel for the Sandringham line, 1972.

The Causeway.

East End cinema, Bourke St.

City Square in 1970, before the hotel was built.
The Southern Cross Hotel.


Gough addresses a dismissal rally,  1975.

Collingwood bench, 1977 Grand Final

Moomba Parade, 1973.

Melbourne Cup, 1976.

The Westgate Bridge collapse

Elizabeth St under water, the great flood of '72.

Auto show at the Royal Exhibition Building, 1972

Rockarena, Calder Raceway, 1977.
Police parade, Swanston St, 1976.


  1. Love these photos they catch the moment

  2. great photos, where are the credits? pretty sure some of these are Rennie Ellis in which case they are copyright and if so you are infringing that copyright unless yuo have permission to use them.

    1. Yeah, I guess not that many people view this blog so I have not worried about copyright etc. Most of the posts get less than a hundred page views. And nearly all of these photos are public domain. But you are right, there are a couple by Rennie Ellis. So I will take those ones down.

  3. "High Street Northcote" and "The Causeway" are by David Wadelton

    1. Thanks for the info. I am not familiar with that name, but I will endeavour to get the proper permission (if they aren't a professional, that is).